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Mary Angelica Painter


Political Scientist and Research Associate

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Mary Angelica is a Research Associate at the Natural Hazards at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-founder of the Social Vulnerability and Resilience (SOLVER) Lab.

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Areas of Specialization

Natural Hazards

As climate change intensifies and increases frequency of natural hazards, such as hurricanes and wildfires, mitigation and response to these conditions become paramount for reducing harm.

Social Vulnerability

Certain populations, based on histories of social, political, cultural, and economic systems of oppression such as colonialism and sexism, are at higher risk of harm from climate change and natural hazards.

Government, Politics, and Policy

Government action or inaction, political dimensions, and existing and future policy shape who receives help and support in all phases—before, during, and after—the disaster cycle, changing disaster outcomes.

Research Methods

We must not only utilize all existing mixed-methods approaches to research to solve our most pressing global issues, but also incorporate inclusive methodologies that involve and give credit to communities.

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